20 Plus-Size & Body-Positive Summer Stock Photos

“I’m painfully aware of the fact that I have apologized for my body for over two decades. Verbally—excusing myself for taking up so much space. Making jokes about what I was eating. Turning down compliments because I didn’t feel deserving.

And physically—wearing black, long-sleeved shirts in the Arizona summer. Shying away from anything loud, flashy, or sparkly. Basically doing anything I could to minimize the presence of my body.

What a way to live, huh?

And sadly, I think we can all relate on some level. I look back on those years of my life now and shake my head. It’s as if I thought I was keeping the fact that I was fat a secret by attempting to disguise it. As if those who saw me in black would then see me in bright colors and gasp, “HOLY SHIT! UNTIL NOW, I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS FAT!” Illogical.

Our bodies cannot truly be hidden, no matter how many black outfits we wear. No matter how many pairs of Spanx we own. No matter how much we suck it in.

Doesn’t it seem like a better use of our time to just accept the fact that our bodies are our bodies and live our lives like there is no tomorrow? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.”

» Jes Baker
A fat white woman runs across a sandy beach, towards the camera, into shallow ocean waves in front of a partly clouded blue sky. She has shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin. She’s wearing big sunglasses, a purple swimsuit top and mermaid-print swim shorts.

Summer Stock Photos for Size-Diverse, Body Positive & Health at Every Size® Marketing

Here are 10 more beautiful photos from the Summer collection at Body Liberation Stock, the world’s first and best site for high-resolution stock images of large bodies for commercial use. Use these images on your website, social media, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to represent more of your customers, clients, and prospects. You’ll also be helping to change the world by increasing the representation of large-bodied and fat folks.

These stock photos are often used by:

  • Health at Every Size healthcare providers, authors, therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians
  • Body image, intuitive eating, and life coaches
  • HAES eating disorder treatment professionals
  • Inclusive and fat-friendly fitness pros and personal trainers
  • Plus-size fashion designers, retailers and eCommerce
  • Body-positive bloggers and influencers
An agender person sits on a boulder after planting a succulent on a mulched slope with rocks and flowers. Their preferred pronouns are they and them. They’re wearing blue denim jeans, an olive green shirt, and a gray and white plaid flannel button-down shirt. They are also wearing glasses and earplugs, and have bright blue-green dyed hair.
A plus-size woman enjoys a solo tea party in a garden on a sunny summer afternoon. She has red hair and is wearing a pearl necklace, patterned sundress and a broad-brimmed hat with a daisy decoration. She’s sitting in a floral vintage armchair. On the small table in front of her are a teacup, flowers, macarons, strawberries, jelly beans, muffins, a vintage elephant-shaped teapot and cake.
A Caucasian woman in her 30s who wears plus-size clothing twirls around on the waterfront on a bright, sunny summer morning. She has bright pink and purple hair and is wearing a black top of solid and mesh fabric and a white solid and mesh skirt. She’s also wearing a black bikini bottom under the skirt that occasionally shows as she twirls. She’s standing on a boardwalk-type sidewalk above a pebble beach and is an excellent example of confidence, joyful movement and positive body image. Lighting: natural light, high key, bright, high contrast Environment: outdoors, beach, shore, sound, ocean, water, waves Themes: nature, happiness, confidence, vacation, holiday, positive body image, body confidence Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian Location: Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States
“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” ― Coco Chanel A Caucasian woman in her 30s who wears plus-size clothing poses on a lakeshore in golden evening sunset light. She’s wearing a sleeveless purple summer dress with transparent panels that are lifted by the breeze, and a scarf or shawl with a beautiful wing design billows out behind her. Lighting: natural light, low key, sunset Environment: outdoors, mountains, nature, wilderness, lake, water Mood: confident, happy, positive Themes: positive body image, body confidence, body-positive, nature, plus size clothing, freedom, joy, joyful movement Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian Location: Olympic Mountains, Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States
A young plus-size woman is shown in a green garden on a summer day.
A plus-size woman sits in shallow river water and meditates on a sunny summer day. She has long brown hair and is wearing a blue two-piece swimsuit that leaves her arms, belly, and legs visible.
A fat white woman laughs and twirls joyfully on a gravel road at sunset. She’s wearing a black tank top and leggings with a patterned blue, red and yellow wrap skirt, a small teardrop necklace and blue jelly shoes. Her manner is carefree and energetic. There’s a marsh or meadow and trees behind her with a barely visible fence. A sun flare takes up the top portion of the image and gives it a hazy feel.
A fat white woman stands on a sandy beach in front of ocean waves and a partly clouded blue sky. She’s holding her hair back and laughing. This woman has shoulder-length brown hair and pale skin. She’s wearing big sunglasses, a purple swimsuit top and mermaid-print swim shorts.
A plus-size white woman wades in a river with an inflatable unicorn inner-tube-style float on a summer afternoon or evening. She has brightly-colored pink and blue hair and is wearing a colorful bathing suit with red, pink, and orange stripes and black shorts.
A plus-size woman lies on her side in shallow river water. She has long pink hair and is wearing a two-piece bathing suit with black shorts on the bottom and a brightly striped pink, red, orange and yellow top.

More Summer Stock Photos

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Fat Woman on Beach
  2. Group of friends walking on beach
  3. Non-Binary Person in River
  4. Woman Chooses Foods During Outdoor Meal
  5. Woman on Beach Staring At Ocean
  6. Woman in Field with Sign
  7. Plus Size Woman Practices Yoga on Mountain Lake Shore
  8. Agender Person Plants Seedling
  9. Plus-Size Woman at Tea Party
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Shelbey Osborne is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about yoga and astrology and uses these teachings to help individuals connect deeper to their own intuition. She is an advocate for body acceptance and applying a self-compassionate approach to all areas of our lives.