{The Body Liberation Guide} Reviving a series I think you’ll like

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This week, let’s do something a little different and revive the fat creator interview series, starting with artist Ashley Anne Strobridge.  

Ashley is a Vermont-based artist who finds inspiration in both the natural world and fantasy. As a fat, disabled vegetarian, she creates whimsical designs in a variety of media that draw on their life experience, and advocates for the accessibility of nature to everyone. 

I don’t limit these interviews in length so that creators can most authentically express themselves, so they’re usually too long to include completely in a newsletter. Be sure to click through to the rest of the interview. And if you like reading creator interviews, let me know and it will give me incentive to keep them going!


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{Ask a Fat Creator} Ashley of Astrobridge Artistry 

Art, Science, Magic, Nature, Truth, Justice, Music, Love, & Creativity: Through Astrobridge Artistry, I aim to Communicate the Magic & Wonder of Nature, hoping to make the beauty & healing powers of the natural world accessible & inviting to all.  

As someone w/ multiple disabilities & limited mobility myself, I pride myself on interpreting the inherent beauty of easily accessible Natural places, showing that you don’t need to be able to climb a mountain to enjoy Nature.  

Whether it is on a dirt road two steps from my car door, on an accessible nature path, or on my own balcony in my “Garden in the Sky!” showing that Nature can be surprisingly accessible is one of main missions. I also aim to hold up Nature as an inspiration for creativity, because all of us need a place to escape to sometimes, esp in these times, whether through a journey in a book or through a walk in the woods, or both! 

The links between Fantasy, Magic, Ecology, Nature, Justice, Creativity, Science, and Art are endless, and showing that you can educate about Ecology & Justice Issues while at the same time tapping into Childhood Wonder and Fantasy is yet another of my goals with Astrobridge Artistry. 

A social justice & ecoactivist w/ a background & family history in Environmental Policy, I’m an Artist, Photographer, Writer, Performer, & Musician who is Maverick in Gender, and a vegetarian, disabled, FATabulous Woman on a mission to illuminate the Bridge between Nature, Spiritualism, Science, Justice, History, Ecology, Creativity, Literature, Magic & Art, as all are linked in the fabric of the Universe.  My current work is whimsical & impactful Nature photography & poetry, with literature, social justice, science, and history tie-ins, available in prints, greetings cards, stickers, bookmarks, buttons, books, & more.

The Conversation

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