Remember that your sadness is tangible, organic, important and useful.

Danielle Bex, a fat white non-binary femme in a purple summer dress and bright pink hair, sits on a picnic table in near-darkness and traces a design on the table with a finger.

“Remember that your sadness is tangible, organic, important and useful. Sadness is what reminds us of what it means to hurt.

Sadness drives empathy — it is how we remember not to hurt others, and how to lead with our hearts.

Your sadness is fuel for understanding mine. And your sadness is borne of you, not the scripted lines of the Sad Fatty.

It is okay to be tired. Some days, you will need a rest. Some days, you will feel sad.

And your sadness deserves to be seen just as much as any other part of you. Not because it is expected, but because it is yours.” » Your Fat Friend @yrfatfriend

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